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A quick call to Shirlee. Shoot on Wednesday. Listed on Thursday. SOLD on Saturday. That's how I like it!

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Shirlee lives in this local area. She can pop into the office, grab the key, and have the job done and delivered in a heartbeat.

Love my photos for Airbnb

I took my own photos for my Airbnb listing. I thought they looked pretty good. My friend told me they didn't. Now I've seen Shirlee's photos- what was I thinking?

Thanks Shirlee


Amanda, Director & Principal Licensee

Shirlee is the warm, welcoming and knowledgeable  photographer we have to thank for our fabulous property photos.

Having years of experience in Real Estate Photography, Shirlee knows just what to do to ensure that our properties are shot in the best light.

Professional photos are a must for Renting or Selling a property and Shirlee certainly makes renting properties easier for us!

Shirlee is ultra reliable, turning up on time and turning the photos around in a very short space of time.

Shirlee is a joy  to work with and are proud to do business with her.

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PROPERTY OWNERS Listing on Airbnb

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  • You need Images to Sell the Dream
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  • Image is everything
  • Shirlee Shoots to Sell
  • Tips to Increase your property's appeal
  • Special techniques to maximise appeal to Holiday Makers and Business Clients
  • Shirlee Green is a Trusted Professional in your home 

Can you use Mobile phonecamera for Real Estate Photography?

Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Full frame DSLR

I have a Samsung S8 , I am impressed with the images and I love it! (The best camera is the one that you have at the time)  BUT

Lets talk Real Estate Photography :

It is possible to take a good exterior shot with a Smart phone, as good light trumps everything else.

Most interior shots you have to be creating good light and you need quality wide angle lens, and you cant do either with a smart phone.  

Image taken with Samsung S8

Full Frame DSLR

 I recommend a quality DSLR Camera , because the two most important factors that contribute to quality interior photos are:

1.  A quality wide- angle lens with effective focal length between 16mm and      24 mm.

2.  Good lighting with external flash.

 It is impossible to do 1 or 2 above with a smart phone.

You may be able to  get a great  front shot  with a smart phone. There is so much more to Real Estate Photography than the front shot.  Its a whole different ball game when you get inside. 

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Listing Your Property is a Serious Business

Whether it's to sell or lease.

Or maybe you are jumping into the lucrative Airbnb style market.

You want to get them in the Front Door

But how do you do that?

Your images need jump out from the rest.

And scream: PICK ME.

And be an ACTION TOOL.

Your images have the power to deliver the push readers need to take the next step.


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